Aaron Fitzgerald and the Red Bull Helicopter

A member of The Flying Bulls, Aaron Fitzgerald is an American aerobatic helicopter pilot who’s worked on hundreds of films and TV shows. Aaron is originally from Wenatchee, Washington. He previously served in the US Army as a Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. He is an ATP rated helicopter pilot with over 9,000 hours flown. His flying career has been mostly focused on film and television production, flying in well over 100 productions. He has also flown in various other capacities such as utility flying in mountainous terrain and offshore support. He has flown in flight test programs for NASA and Lockheed/Martin. He was the aerial coordinator for several aviation projects that broke world records. Aaron has been a member of The Flying Bulls since 2017. He was trained by Rainer Wilke and Blacky Schwarz, the masters of Helicopter Aerobatics. He has performed aerobatic helicopter displays for millions of spectators throughout North America. In addition to flying in air shows and doing movie work, he flies UH-60 Blackhawks on firefighting contracts with the Forest Service battling forest fires in the Western United States.

The Helicopter

MBB BO-105

• Designed primarily for the German Army

• Built in Germany and Canada. (Red Bull Helicopters built in Canada.)

• Twin Engines – 2 Rolls Royce 250 C20B engines (420 HP each.)

• Unique design featuring a hingeless rotor system.

• Solid Titanium Rotor head.

• Extremely high level of maneuverability.

• Small size – under 39 feet long.

• Maximum gross weight – only 5500 lbs.

• Maximum speed - 150 knots.

• Can be armed with Missiles or Machine Guns.

• Used by military and police forces around the world.

• The global BO-105 fleet has logged over 8 million flight hours.

• 1400 BO-105s were built and delivered to 55 countries.






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